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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tip Tuesday: Dealing with dirty laundry

Welcome to another Tip Tuesday.

Well it's time I aired out some dirty laundry here on the DisneyDaddy blog - sort of.

It's not something we like to talk about, but we all have to deal with it on any trip: dirty laundry.

Whether your driving or flying to Walt Disney World, you have to take clothes with you (unless you plan on buying them at the parks). As your trip progresses, those clothes will get dirty, especially in the hot and sweaty summer months.

So what's the best way to deal with all this mess? Here are two ideas.

If you're flying:
Try to put a smaller suitcase inside a larger, empty one. This way you won't get hit with another baggage fee for an empty suitcase. Once you get to WDW, unpack the smaller suitcase and put all the clothes into the large one. As your clothes become dirty, put them in the smaller suitcase. Yes, there will be one more bag to check in, but this extra bag also gives you room to pack all those souvenirs you will probably purchase while at WDW. Best of all, when you get back home, all the dirty clothes are in one place, so you know what to wash.

If you're driving:
You could do the same as the tip mentioned above, but I've found a method that I think works better. Pack a large tupperware with all the drinks/food that you'll likely have in the room. Once you're in your resort room, unpack all the food. The tupperware is now your dirty clothes hamper. You will likely go through all the food/drinks, so there will be little to bring back. Also, the room made available by clothes no longer in your suitcase can serve as space to pack the aforementioned souvenirs.

I've tried this both ways and they work pretty well (though I last used the extra suitcase trick back before there were all these baggage fees). Give it a shot, I think you'll appreciate how this makes life in the resort room a little easier - especially for those families with kids.


Diaz Howard said...

Hello Thanks for sharing.

I find something interesting as well:

Scott said...

The snacks in a plastic bin is the EXACT method we use, including this last week when we were at WDW.

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