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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Kingdom Keepers update: Third installment set for release Sept. 15

The much-awaited third installment in Ridley Pearson's Kingdom Keepers series is anticipated to hit bookshelves in either September (according to, October (according to Barnes & or April 2010 (according to some posts on some Disney forum sites). Original reports indicated the book, "Disney in Shadow," would be coming out in August. One possible reason for the delay could be due to the book's huge size - nearly 550 pages, according to Ridley Pearson's blog.

In some earlier blog posts, Pearson indicated there would be five books in the Kingdom Keepers series. "Disney in Shadow" is expected to pick up where the second book, "Disney at Dusk," left off with the escape of one of Disney's most powerful villans, Chernabog. According to another post on Pearson's blog, much of "Shadow" will take place in Epcot and Hollywood Studios.

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