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Friday, August 7, 2009

MagicMeets - Day 1

Hello all from Day one of Magic Meets!

I was helping out the folks here with Minnie's Mart -- a shopping area where some great savings were available on donated Disney items, from pins to lithographs and all kinds of items. The final figure isn't in yet, but I think we raised quite a bit for the Dream Team! If you had a chance to check out Minnie's Mart, you got some outstanding deals -- all for a good cause.

In the meantime, some early attendees had all kinds of fun inside the main ballroom. It was the annual Meet Before the Magic and all I can say was there was a lot of cheering for the different giveaways.

Following the Meet Before the Magic was celebrity MagicTunes, featuring Lou Mongello, Justin Machoney, Deb Wills and a contestant from the audience. The event was a lot of fun, with each contestant trying to identify different Disney songs. In the end, the event raised $500 for the Dream Team and Deb's Cancer Walk. That' doesn't include an additional donation when Lou Mongello agreed to again moonwalk for the cheering crowd (see photo above). Lou will do just about anything to raise money for the Dream Team.

The fun (and fundraising) didn't stop there -- karaoke night at a local restaurant. This event brought in an additional $600, split between Lou and Deb's charities.

This was just the preshow! The main event starts in nine hours (9 a.m. Saturday)!

Look for more updates in a few hours!

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