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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pearson releases draft cover art for Kingdom Keepers 3

Kingdom Keepers 3 draft cover

Author Ridley Pearson released the draft cover for Kingdom Keepers 3, Disney in Shadow, on his blog today. No surprise, the cover features Epcot. In previous posts, Pearson indicated KK3 would take place "primarily in Epcot and Hollywood Studios." According to, KK3 is set for release in late April, 2010, though this could change (at one point, the book was supposed to come out this month).

If this cover is any indication, it appears our favorite DHI's are in for even more trouble, this time in Epcot.


-- Ryan P. Wilson said...

Considering the location of the cover art, do you think that the 'snake' in question there is the serpent dinosaur from the attraction? It's appearance doesn't seem to be a match, but it is the only large snake I can think of from the parks. Unless, of course, it is supposed to be a lifelike recreation of Hiss or Kaa.

Chuck Lionberger said...

Some have posted comments on Ridley Pearson's blog suggesting the snake may be Jafar.

TR said...

I llove Pearson's writing and I am ALSO a huge Disney fan. I think they should have stuck with the original release date.

Isabela R. said...

I love the first and second book so much! (I am only ten years old). I can't wait to read the 3rd!!!!

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