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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Update: Living with the Land Refurb "technical in nature"

A Disney spokesperson has confirmed that the Behind the Seeds Tour will not be impacted, nor will food production as a result of an ongoing refurbishment of Living With the Land at Epcot. The refurb "is of a technical nature, not an upgrading of the show," says the spokesperson.

This may dispute rumors that the attraction was to get larger boats. I've also heard reports that Imagineering was going to update the films running in the barn show scene.

If this refurb is indeed "technical" in nature, then I wonder if there was some sort of malfunction that is going to take some time to repair.

For more about this refurbishment, see my original post.

1 comment:

-- Ryan P. Wilson said...

Being of a technical nature, though not explaining the length of the refurbishment, one possibility is that they are updating the narration as well.

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