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Monday, August 31, 2009

Top 10 Disney/Marvel crossovers

With the news today that Disney is purchasing Marvel (and its 5,000+) characters, I figured it would be fun to imagine some of the possible (well, maybe not-so-possible) crossover combinations.

And here we go...

10. Stitch joins the X-Men (Disney puts Stitch in everything else, why not the X-Men?)

9. The Fantastic Four and The Incredibles will work together (and realize they've all got the same powers!)

8. Monsters Inc. 2 will be a more extreme story with the Hulk, Wolverine, and Dr. Doom joining the scare floor.

7. Spiderman 4 will have Mickey Mouse playing the part of the Web-head.

6. Rapunzel will now be played by Mr. Fantastic in drag. No need for special effects now.

5. Mini-Mouse takes on a whole new meaning.

4. An Ape-Man attraction will show up at Animal Kingdom (along with any other Marvel characters even remotely related to animals)

3. The Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure will be replaced by the Avengers Race to Save the World (or something like that). Of course, Kim Possible will join the Avengers, though Ron Stoppable doesn't make the cut.

2. Fantasmic! will be changed to Magical Marvel!

1. Much like the infamous hidden Mickey, we now get to look for hidden Stans (as in Stan Lee) in every Disney/Marvel movie and the parks. He makes a cameo in all the Marvel movies, so why not slip in an animated Stan Lee in some Disney films?

What crossover do you see? Post a comment!!


Doug said...

I'm thinking... can a Marvel/Disney crossover game be far off ? Something along the lines of Kingdom Hearts. OR BETTER... all those great Capcom VS titles. Can you say Wolverine vs Stitch ?

jessica magert said...

Disney buying Marvel could only mean one thing. Miley Cyrus staring in a Dazzler movie.

Dad.. said...

HA! Number nin made me say "YEAH" out loud. LOL!! Can't believe I didn't realize this sooner! HA!

Gebo said...

Check this out: Marvel/Disney hybrids contest

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