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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tip Tuesday: Customized maps

Classic custom map
Welcome to another Tip Tuesday!

This will be the first installment in a series of Tip Tuesday posts dealing with building excitement for an upcoming trip to Walt Disney World (of course, some of us don't need any help getting excited - that's why we do blogs, podcasts and magazines!).

This week, I'd like to discuss a little freebie and keepsake that not too many people are aware of or take advantage of - customized maps.

Kids, especially those who have never been to Walt Disney World, may not an appreciation for just how much there is to do. In a similar manner, many first-timers may not have an appreciation for just how big WDW is and how much planning may be needed to make sure a WDW trip is as enjoyable as possible.

One way to help get kids excited about an upcoming trip is to order customized maps from the Disney Web site. Best of all, they're FREE!

Once you go to the online site, you can select which items on the map you would like highlighted as your "favorites." Even if you don't choose any favorites, all the different attractions will be included. Once you have selected your favorites, you'll need to select which layout you want. The classic layout (see image above) has the feel of an old pirate map, while the characters layout (see image below), is more whimsical, featuring different Disney characters.

Characters map
Each set comes with five maps (one for each park and then an overall map). Each map is personalized with the family name (i.e., The Smith Family's guide to the Magic Kingdom).

For my first trip to WDW, I ordered a set of maps and then brought them with me to have different characters sign it. This made for a very unique keepsake. I'm still trying to find a frame to fit the map - it's a bit of an odd size.

The one small downside of this opportunity is that the maps come folded. I contacted Disney to see if it was possible to get a rolled copy (which is better for framing). Unfortunately, the maps can only be delivered in a folded form.

As you're planning your next trip to Walt Disney World, order the customizable maps - they're a great way to get geared up for a trip to the world's number one vacation destination!

1 comment:

Dad.. said...

Heh Heh.. I have SEVERAL of these tucked away with other Disney memorabilia. They'll serve as a nice snapshot years down the road for my kids to compare new park designs with!

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