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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tip Tuesday: One Man's Dream - don't skip it!

Welcome to another Tip Tuesday!

This week, let's head over to Disney's Hollywood Studios, where there are great exhibits and a film chronicalling the life of Walter Elias Disney. It's called "One Man's Dream," and it's definitely worth the time. No, there are no ride vehicles, but there are plenty of thrills, especially for Disney fans.
What makes "One Man's Dream" such an must see are all the different exhibits and actual artifacts from Walt's journey to create the studios and, eventually, Disneyland and Walt Disney World. As you stroll through each scene you get a sense of what made Walt different. He was a plain man who wasn't extravagant. The recreation of Walt's office is very simple, not at all what you think a studio executive's office would look like.
The recreation of the Florida film (see above) is almost like being there in person. Here, you begin to understand the story of how Walt Disney World came into being. If you've never seen parts of the Florida film, you'll be able to see a few scenes.
As you wait for the doors to the theater to open (you should stay for the film -- it's wonderful!), you can check out models of each of the different Disney parks from around the world. Also, there are several D23-related exhibits as well (for you D23 members out there).
"One Man's Dream" is another one of those attractions that is much, much more than just a place to get out of the rain or to cool off. It's an important monument to the man who created all that we Disney fans have come to appreciate so much.


Kathy said...

Hi Chuck!

Just found your blog and will be following along... I'm another WDW fan and I love reading anything and everything to do with WDW!

The Artwork of Christi Bunn said...

This is probably my favorite attraction in the Studios. I could spend a day in there and still probably wouldn't see everything. I have taken countless videos and photos of it, but they don't come close to being there seeing it in person!


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