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Friday, April 3, 2009

Another D23 pin is sold out

The second in a series of D23 Charter Member pins has sold out. This pin featured Jiminy Cricket showing his D23 badge. It was released this morning and already it's gone. I guess there either are a bunch of D23 members out there or the supply was very limited. I missed out on this one as well. I'm going to have to be quicker on the draw to get the next one. Supposedly there will be 10 in all. You can bet any Mickey Mouse related pin will go like lightning.


Jen said...

I know what you mean, I contacted Disney about the limited supply of pins available and they replied that they try to guage the demand but sometimes just seem to not have enough. I think it's crazy that all of the "exclusive D23 member" pins are gone when the membership itself isn't even a month old. The D23 movie rewards pin is gone also, guess I'll just have to stalk the botique.

black743 said...

It looks like you can buy as many as you like with one membership number. I would guess that some folks bought quite a few of them, especially after seeing all of them on ebay. Perhaps Disney should limit the amount per member number?

Anonymous said...

I wager that people bought big lots to sell on e-bay. Some of the D23 pins are going for $150 to $200. I wish I would have thought about that idea. I really think that Disney should make more D23 pins available because the demand is out there. Disney should have a way to prevent people from buying all of the pins--like a limit of 2 per D23 member

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