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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

D23 update - D23 pins to go on sale very soon

I happened to be checking the D23 Boutique to see if any of those "temporarily sold out" pins might again be up for sale, when, what to my wondering eyes should disappear, but the links to those (and any) pins.

Late this evening, I saw a new update on the D23 Web site:

"For those D23 members who missed out on our exclusive pins the first time around, we have great news! This week Disney Shopping will be putting the 'D23' and 'Plane Crazy' pins back on sale, and next week, look for the Tinker Bell and Jiminy Cricket pins to return."

There you have it D23 fans! Look for the return of those popular pins starting later this week and into next week. There's no word on how many pins are available - so if you want them, better get them fast!

UPDATE #2: The "D23" lapel pin and the Plane Crazy pins are now on sale as of 4/23.


black743 said...

So confusing, but I've also heard that they may limit future pins to one per membership. That would prevent all of the folks from buying mass quantities to resell at a much higher price.

Chuck Lionberger said...

That would help!

Scott said...

Great blog! I heard about you on WDWRadio talking about smashed pennies. Anyway, I just checked D23 and the pins are back there. There are four of them. The Tinkerbell and Jiminy Cricket are showing as 'SOLD OUT'. But, the other two--'D23' and 'Plane Crazy' appear to still be available. I want to get the TB and JC ones though. I agree with black743 though. They should put a limit on these. I am all for capitalism, but, these pins are supposed to be for D23 members only. By people buying in mass quantities and putting on eBay, well, that kinda defeats the whole spirit of the D23 concept.

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