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Friday, April 17, 2009

Raython exhibit to bring some thrills to Innoventions?

The folks over at Orlando Attractions Magazine and Touring are both reporting that the new Raytheon exhibit planned for Innoventions. Called the "Sum of all Thrills," guests will be able to create their own roller-coaster, jet place or bobsled. The intent is to help guests understand some of the challenges of real-life physics and engineering.

Best of all, according to these blog posts, guests will be able to then ride their invention, similar to the Cyber-Space Mountain attraction at DisneyQuest.

What makes this possible is a huge robotic arm that can simulate the movements programmed by the guest while designing their particular experience.

This arm, created by the KUKA Robot Group, is similar to the one used in the Seas with Nemo and Friends attraction where the deep-sea fish is trying catch Marlin and Dory (although I've noticed that this arm wasn't in operation when I was last at Disney in Dec. 2008 - hopefully it's been fixed by now).

The "Sum of all Thrills" is set to open in Innoventions by the end of this year.

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