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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Disney Legend Marty Sklar to retire

According to a blog post on Orlando Attractions Magazine, Marty Sklar, Ambassador for Walt Disney Imagineering has decided to retire from the Walt Disney Company, effective July 17, which happens to be Disneyland's 54th birthday.

In an e-mail Sklar sent to Imagineering employees, Sklar said, "I have decided to turn in my name tag on one of those prime dates: July 17. In 2009, that date will mark Disneyland’s 54th birthday, and my 53rd year as a Disney cast member. (I returned to UCLA after Disneyland’s first summer to finish my senior year, then returned to Disneyland’s public relations department in September 1956.)"

In the e-mail, Sklar went on to say, "Now it’s time to turn the page. So many of you have asked that I have finally actually begun writing that book about the people, the places and the passions I have experienced as an Imagineer. As I said three years ago when my 'ambassadorship' began, I know you will keep on dreaming big dreams, and creating the newest and best in the world. I’ll still be looking over your shoulders, cheerleading, and filling new blank pages. It’s the most important Imagineering tradition."

Sklar was named a Disney Legend in 2001.

This is as big as if Walt Disney, himself, were announcing his retirement. Sklar has done it all and seen it all. Even though he may officially be retiring, I'm sure we've not seen the last of Marty Sklar.

On behalf of the millions and millions of Disney Parks fans, I want to wish Marty the best of luck in his upcoming retirement and to express our most sincere thanks and appreciation for all he's done to create Disney magic.

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