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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tip Tuesday: The Power Bag

Welcome to another Tip Tuesday!

In this week's tip, I wanted to share another packing tip that I've found to be especially helpful when bringing along all those great gadgets.

See if this sounds like you: you're packing for a week (or longer) at Walt Disney World. You know you want to take your camera (which has a special battery), your iPod to listen to Disney music during the flight/drive, your cell phone and your laptop. Now add to this all the tech that your spouse and kids might be bringing.

Before you know it, you've got four cameras, an external camera flash (with rechargeable AA batteries), six iPods, three cellphones, three Nintendo DS's and a portable DVD player all to keep running and charged in one hotel room.

Think this is outlandish? Guess again. I just described all the tech my family of five took with us on my last trip to WDW in June -- and we were driving.

Now stop and think about all the chargers each gadget requires. That gets to be a lot doesn't it?!?!?! Where in the world are you going to pack all that and keep it organized? I faced this very dilemma last year when I finally had an idea -- take an old camera bag and turn into in the "Power Bag." This is where I would keep all the chargers I need for all the various gadgets we take on trips. This bag never goes to the parks, it stays in the resort room.

In addition to the chargers, I also included a outlet strip in the power bag. This is, perhaps, the most critical part of the bag. How many hotel rooms have all the outlets you need? The answer, in my experience, is NONE. To solve this problem, I purchased an inexpensive outlet strip with at least a six-foot long cord. With the outlet strip, I had enough outlets to plug in all the different chargers. I still had to swap some chargers during the week, but I managed to get everything charged.

If you're bringing a lot of tech with you on your WDW trips, try packing a separate power bag. I've found it's made the job of keeping all the gadgets charged and ready to go much easier and less stressful.

So charge up everyone!


Believes in Fairies said...

That is a great idea! I have a wreath box that I use for Christmas at Disney. It has the strip cord, extension cord, timers, Christmas lights, a spiral Christmas tree and a magnet door hook.

I had a small electronic bag for small items and plugs for when I went to England (including my adapters). I hadn't thought of having a dedicated bag before. Thanks! Will also help with storing what isn't used constantly or is duplicated =0)


This is a fantastic idea. My husband started doing this last year and it works so very well. Now we are always have our chargers for all our tech equip and they are all able to be charged and ready for the next day because of the power strip. Thanks for all your tips

Conniecap said...

We had to start doing this last Christmas when both kids got iPods and one was old enough for a cell phone. Great idea to add the power strip. We don't have too many things to charge at one time, but often the only extra plug in a room is behind a piece of furniture and the power strip would save having to climb under or around the furniture to plug and unplug each device.

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