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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tip Tuesday: An unimpeded view of Illuminations

Welcome to another Tip Tuesday!
My apologies for the lack of a tip last Tuesday as I was in Walt Disney World.
But now I'm back and let's get on with a great new tip.
Any Epcot regular will know that finding a great viewing spot for Illuminations can be tricky and requires a long wait once you find that great spot. The problem is there are so many trees along the World Showcase Promenade that block your view of higher flying fireworks. While Illuminations doesn't have a ton of upper air action, the last thing you need is a tree in the way.
What happens is guests queue up at some of the best viewing locations, often times several rows deep. This creates a problem seeing those water-level elements, such as the globe and water fountains.
So what you need is a place to have an unobstructed view and not have many people around you. The answer: the balcony outside Teppan Edo. The photo above was taken from the balcony. You get an elevated view and has the Tori Gate in the foreground, creating great photo opportunities.
Like other great places, you'll want to get to the balcony at least 30 minutes in advance to make sure you get the ideal corner spot.
The next time you're looking for a place to stand for Illuminations, try the Teppan Edo balcony - you'll enjoy the view!

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