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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Could the "Are you 23?" mystery be solved?

WDW News Today, along with my friends at The Disney Blog, have articles showing pictures of two pins that appear to be related to the whole "Are You 23?" buzz campaign that Disney fans have been speculating about for the past few weeks. The secret will officially be announced on March 10, presumably at the Disney's annual shareholders meeting.

(Image courtesy of WDW News Today)

As you can see, these pins seem to support the theory that the whole "D23" thing is a membership club. The "23" would mostly likely be a reference to 1923, the year the Walt Disney Studio was founded. So far there's no official word on what these pictures mean, but the picture is getting much clearer.

If this is a membership group and if this group does include annual meets, I wonder if this was one of the reasons the 2009 Mousefest was placed on hiatus? This is total speculation on my part, so please don't start any rumors.

What are your thoughts? If this is a new club (obviously with some sort of membership fee), would you join?

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