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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Report confirms "Are You 23?" is a fan club

The folks over at Stitch Kingdom have pretty solid proof that the whole "Are you 23?" campaign is about a new "official community for Disney fans." Stitch Kingdom happened to come across an advance copy of the new Pinocchio DVD release (officially releasing on March 10). Included in the insert booklet is a sketch image of Jiminy Cricket that reads: "Wishes do come true," and "D23 - the official community for Disney fans. Join at" (I tried that link and it just goes back to the preview page - for now).

Stitch Kingdom has the photo online -- so check it out!


Jeff Heimbuch said...

Very cool!
So, now we know!

Brad said...

Thanks for the mention. For those that are interested, I just added an audio clip of Bob Iger all but mentioning D23 by name:

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