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Friday, February 6, 2009

DreamWorks to partner with Disney?

The Associated Press is reporting that DreamWorks, the animation studio founded by Steven Spielberg, is apparently in talks with Disney to distribute six movies a year. This after talks between DreamWorks and Universal broke down earlier this week.

This information apparently comes from an unnamed source.

Universal, which is part of the NBC family (and ultimately part of General Electric) confirmed that talks had ended between the distributor and Spielberg.

Disney has not confirmed that talks are taking place.

This can only be good news for Mickey as eariler this week (see previous post), the Disney studios posted a 26-percent loss for the quarter.

But here's an interesting question: if DreamWorks does partner with Disney, what effect will this have on the Disney/Pixar relationship (yes Disney owns them, but would this new partnership create some bad feelings)? Also, how would this impact the parks? This has to be terrible news for Universal Studios Orlando, as they relied on DreamWorks for new material for the theme park. Would Shrek be moving a little further south on I-4?

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