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Sunday, March 22, 2009

2010 WDW Marathon update: Goofy sold out

If you were thinking about running Goofy's Race and a Half Challenge during the 2010 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend and hadn't registered yet, then, I'm sorry, but you're out of luck. The race is now officially SOLD OUT.

For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, allow me to explain. The "Goofy," as it's called, is one of the events that takes place during the annual Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend, usually in early January (in 2010 it will be Jan 7-10).

The entire weekend consists of several running events including the Family Fun Run 5K on Friday, the Half-Marathon on Saturday and the Full Marathon on Sunday. Runners in the "Goofy" run in BOTH the half- and full-marathons. That's 39.3 miles in all!

Speaking of the half-marathon, it is 70% full. So if you were thinking of running in the half, you'll want to get officially registered soon!

As was announced earlier this year, I'm running in the half-marathon in January. Training is underway, though it's going slowly. Fortunately I've got some time. I did go out and get some good running shoes and some moisture-wiking socks, which I'm told are a big help, especially when I get into some longer runs (10+ miles). I'll have more posts in the future as training continues.

Oh, those of you on Facebook who are fans and are running in either the half- or full-marathon, be sure to join the new "Team WDW Radio" group page!

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