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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It's official: D23 is a fan club

Disney announced today in their annual meeting the launch of "D23" an offical community for Disney fans. This exclusive fan club, costs about $75 a year. With that membership fee, fans receive the new "Disney Twenty Three" magazine, produced quarterly. I picked up the premier issue of this magazine today at my local bookstore and it is very nice (it's the black and white cover shown above).

Charter members (those who join this year) also will receive what Disney is calling a "surprise collectible gift," a membership certificate suitable for framing, access to exclusive special merchandise and discounts on the D23 Expo (to be held at Disneyland Sept. 10-13).

I've had a chance to check out some of the exclusive merchandise and it is PRICEY. For instance, you can purchase the "Limited Edition Walt Disney Executive Collection Pen" for the low price of only $850. That's right, $850 for a writing utensil. Other items include exclusive shirts (which aren't too bad on price) to limited edition artwork (which is a bit expensive, but comparable to nice artwork at Art of Disney stores in the parks and Downtown Disney).

Also during today's annual meeting, Disney CEO Bob Iger announced the names of the two Disney Cruise Line ships currently under construction. They will be called the Dream and the Fantasy.

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