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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Pearson says "Kingdom Keepers" series to be at least 5 books

Get ready, fans of the Kingdom Keepers series, because you're in for many more adventures with the DHI's!

For those of you who have no idea what any of this means, I'll give you a snapshot description. Those in the know, feel free to skip this bit. "Kingdom Keepers" is the overall name for a series of books about a group of tweens (known as the Kingdom Keepers) who are the source models for different DHI's, or Disney Host Interactives (basically holograms), throughout Walt Disney World (mostly the parks). But there's a hitch: a group of evil characters called the Overtakers, led (sort of) by Maleficent (remember the evil green-skinned woman in "Sleeping Beauty?") is bent on taking control of all the parks. So it's up to the Kingdom Keepers to stop the Overtakers' evil plans. So far two books in the series have been published. Up to speed now?

In his blog, author Ridley Pearson announced that he's completed writing Kingdom Keepers 3, but is planning Kingdom Keepers 4 AND 5 (with 5 possibly being the final book in the series). Past blog posts indicate the third book will take place at Disney's Hollywood Studios and Epcot.

Pearson also has asked blog readers to give their thoughts on where the fourth installment should take place (he has even hinted about taking this concept outside Walt Disney World) and is looking for thoughts on the fifth (and possibly final) book in the series.

If you haven't had a chance to read (or better yet, listen to) either of the Kingdom Keepers novels, I suggest you give them a try. By no means are they "War and Peace," nor are they meant to be. Each is a light read, fun to enjoy, but not bogged down with tons of meaning. The story lines are shallow and quick, making this a book you can go through and enjoy quickly, leaving you wanting more (especially the second book). So get ready for more crossovers and beware of "Sleeping Beauty Syndrome!"


m said...

great books im on #2 and i love them 2 death!!!!!!!!!!ahhhhhh so happy about# 5

Anonymous said...

ridley's blog said that kk3 will be over 500 pages. one of the books WILL take place on the disney cruise, by the way.

Anonymous said...

love these books hope 5 is not the last.

KKFCpresident535 said...

Yeah. In fact, there are planned to be 7.
1: MK
3:EPCOT & Hollywood
4: WDW
5: Disney Magic cruise line
6: Disneyland
7: Disneyland

I would know about this because I am the Kingdom Keepers Fan Club President for my school (I am 12).

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