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Friday, March 27, 2009

"One Man's Dream" at DHS now brought to you by D23

According to the official D23 Web site, the "One Man's Dream" attraction at Disney's Hollywood Studios has now been associated with the new D23 Official Community for Disney Fans.

As part of this new association, new D23 theming and a new display case featuring the room of a Disney fan (identity not given) have been added. Included in the new display case are items many Disney fans might find in their own homes such as an Ultimate Wall-E, pins, lithographs (including the new exclusive litho for D23 members), a D23 membership certificate, toys, Disney books and more.

Based on some photos included in the article, it appears that this new display case replaces the old Disney in the Digital World display which showed demos from the now-closed Virtual Magic Kingdom (VMK).

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The Artwork of Christi Bunn said...

Found your terrific blog through Ryan's link at Main Street Gazette. This is one of our favorite attractions, and it seems hubby and I can never get enough time there as the kids become bored with it after about 30 minutes. I look forward to seeing the new D23 exhibit. Thanks for posting.


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