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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fairfax Fries at Hollywood Studios to get new menu?

I was searching through the Orange County Eagle Web and came across a few interesting items. The first is a notice of commencement dealing with the Fairfax Fries shop on Sunset Blvd. in Disney's Hollywood Studios.

The document indicated the fryers and hoods were going to be removed and electric warming ovens were to be installed. In addition, graphics and menu boards were to be changed. This is all to support what the document called a "menu change."

So far, I've not seen any word on what the new menu would be. Fairfax Fries used to sell McDonald's fries and various drinks.

In a similar notice of commencement document, the Refreshment Port at Epcot's World Showcase will see some changes as well. The existing cooking equipment and hood will be replaced with similar equipment. Also, new graphics will be installed on the building. I can only guess that this might mean another menu change may be in order. The Refreshment Port is another McDonald's location that sells fries, chicken nuggets and drinks.

I have heard that some other McDonald's offerings in the parks have changed to other items that are not associated with the golden arches. I guess these items are just the latest in this trend.

In a separate notice of commencement document, the carpet in the lobby of the Grand Floridian Resort (see photo) will be removed and apparently replaced with marble flooring (nice!). The only downside here is that the carpet design has TONS of hidden mickey's that just might be gone for good. This same design can be found in other buildings, so hopefully the hidden mickey's will survive.

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Believes in Fairies said...

Wouldnt taking the carpet up increase noise in there?

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