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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Job ax is falling hard and fast at WDW

The Orlando Sentinel is reporting today that job layoffs at Walt Disney World have quickly increased as the second quarter comes to a close. Disney is the largest employer in central Florida with about 62,000 cast members. Some say about 450 have received the ax.

I ask all Disney fans to keep the folks who are suffering these layoffs in your thoughts.

Hopefully things will get better soon.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your kind has been a crazy week. My husband found out today...he is safe. Many of our friends lost their jobs this week. It will be very hard for them to find the same type of work. Disney did take care of them and will continue!

Chuck Lionberger said...

Tell your husband that we support him and the rest of those that remain in addition to those who have been asked to leave.

I can only imagine how hard it is to be working at WDW right now.

Now is the time for the fans to help save the Happiest Place on Earth. WDW needs our patronage. Only through increased business will WDW get through these financial dire straits.

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